Accept for your Acceptance

In today’s so-called world, where an individual exists only in a database or at least to himself one has to live in such a way that either he is confined to the known limits drawn by his society or should be confined by the limits which are drawn by himself.

Your freedom of living when you be knowledgeable about the societies limits or at least which is your neighbor’s limits is somehow and surely guaranteed by yourself provided you are already self-aware of such things like how not be when living in a society.

In order for you to be confined to society’s rules, you have to accept first that you have the responsibility of your premises. Someone who does not feel like following what society follows he may be getting some disorders. So for the purpose of living in a free society, one has to accept or at least believe the local norms in which he is living to make a good living. For other purposes, an individual can even make his own limits as I said above inside his society’s in which he himself accepts to be himself where he lives comfortable.

Belief can help you stay and go ahead the very way which you imagined. By having a belief on yourself first that there is surely the best way so that you can make your living in the best possible way you imagined and accepting the cons and pros of the system and with little forward sense you can live the way exactly the way you imagined.

Having knowledge about the society, maintaining a good relationship with people, thinking about well being, being strong, humble, and with little motivation, you can make a very happy living.


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