Think before you act

“The way which we feel towards something makes us give a response in such a way that makes others feel something and respond in the way how they feel about that which we have responded towards them.”

Putting it this way, for instance, we come across many situations in our everyday life where most of the time we just act or give a response to such situations in reaction. If we may not feel or think about the way we give a response to such stimuli then we don’t even know what just happened sometimes.

Taking in our actions into considerations for our self-interests sometimes may feel us smile but then also regrets. Since our actions, most are unconditioned to many situations at least where we tend to involve voluntarily there is a need to watch ourselves sometimes.

Because our actions or responses towards some things may provoke others to give the same response to us in the similar situations which then may be surprised to us. This is because most times we just act and don’t watch our acts. The way we feel and think may affect our attitude but when it comes to actions it will affect our behavior.

Better and clear views about something at least to our concern benefits in every way, at least to rectify for further acts.

Maintaining a cool attitude always keeps us away from smiles and regrets, for not only it gives us time to think before we act.



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