Which is the one You have ?


” Desire is like recognizing a self-need and acting upon it in order to get the need fulfilled, whereas desperate is taking that desire to a level where it can or cannot be handled with patience.”

We think about numerous things which we know or look in In our day to day life.
we cannot get them all.
But we can choose the best from those which is where we have to be desperate at.

Handling desperateness properly takes more patience than handling a desire if you know you have one.

Having a desire and being desperate is just like having a need and having a want (wanting) respectively.

Everyone has needs today but the one who stands out is the one who has wants.
Similarly, everybody has numerous desires which may or may not be sometimes even cared by those who have them, but being desperate ( speaking in a good sense ) about something is what makes you stand out among others.

Which is the one you have?

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