Eagerness helps you in reaching your goal

When you do what you are doing with eagerness there is more probability of the chance of your winning.

Literally speaking there could be many players in a game but the one player who shows eagerness to play the game makes up to it.

That is what makes him different from other players playing in the same game along with him.

You too would have seen it many times.

po says to jo :

hey jo could you pass on the bottle

jo : sorry po but not until I finish this work.

po asks jo to give him something, but jo is more interested in doing his work first.

He is eager to finish off what he is doing right then.

One thing here we should remember is that we should show eagerness consciously and not just follow blindly.

For example, here po could also have taken what he wants rather than disturbing jo .

AND jo is also conscious about what po is asking and it is not that much important at that particular period of time.

Sometimes we all come across situations in our daily life where we do things of which they may not be of much importance to us without even thinking. But if we organize
them in a strategic way according to our convenience they surely make a change somewhere else that really benefits us just like what jo did.


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