You can always do this

Being enthusiastic always doesn’t mean you are very desperate for something but rather you have accepted it very happily.

You may be interested in doing a project for instance in a subject or work which you may be very fond of.

You may rather not think of anything else in this very particular work but getting yourselves completely involved in it.

po : hey jo can I ask you something /
What do you feel about our new project in school?

jo : enthusiastic…

po is asking jo’s opinion on their new work which is going to start in short time.

jo rather expressing in few words about their newly arrived project says the very one word which she is feeling at that time.

Because obviously, you will be very fond of doing what you like very much.

At the same time remember to express enthusiasm on what you like consciously but not without knowing what it is.

You could see how jo expressed her feeling intensely and clearly without any confusion.

Learn how to handle and express yourselves clearly without having or showing any confusion.


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