If only you have known the difference between the both

Fact is that truth which always remains the same whether you accept it or not.

But most of the time you have been listening to lies from your surroundings, it gives a little dissension, for a change of the very truth which you have been believing until then.

If you are interested in knowing the fact then there is probably no chance of confusing or rather I would say misunderstanding between you and your conversation partner.

More than anything else it may be your team at work.

It always benefits you in every way possible by knowing the fact.

For example,

po says to jo

hey jo what do you think about our new friend, why is he always silent ?

jo : po he is always silent I have known him since high school …

Now in this example, the truth is what po is saying.

But the fact is what Jo clarified to Po from which she has been observing for a long time. You can always get confused between what’s true now and what was true then.

By following simple steps You can avoid this type of situations.

  •  Before coming to conclusion about somebody first know about them whether what you are thinking is appropriate or not.
  • Make sure you are not going to be wrong about somebody before judging them and don’t do so if you don’t have enough knowledge or observation about them.

In the above-mentioned example which could be a real situation for us also.

po has made a statement about his new friend about something which he is not aware of, even without trying to know about him, which proved him false then.

Whereas jo has some observation despite their long-term friendship, which made her clarify about him to po and get to know about him.


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