There is one thing no matter what – Healthy.

There is one thing no matter what, you should always take care of first.

Healthy can be anybody unless you maintain your health in a very practical way which is certainly the way you really like to be. Obviously only you can know most about yourselves.
Today the only wealth you can achieve is health through which you can again gain wealth.
There are so many ways of how to be healthy. But one of them which is simplest is by knowing yourselves. As I said only you can know more about yourselves, which you can do.

There is no point in getting or earning anything unless you cannot be healthy.

As you can see today one of the major issues can be said as health while there is so much running outside with us.

As po says to jo about :

po : hi jo whats up
jo : just knowing.

Just by starting to know about yourselves you can have an overview of yourselves, like what is happening, which is the thing itself to have.

jo is getting started to know, which is knowing of own for healthy being, or knowing the facts.


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