Everything on this planet relies on it

Every time when there is an unpleasant incident occurring, there is surely one thing that is missing there.

Humanity in a broader sense wholesome core human values which you possess naturally.
But the problem is they don’t show up until a particular situation is arises or is faced directly.
The major part of whether to follow them relies completely on what your thinking at that particular instance of time.

But If you just remember your basic morals at the time when you are in such position and face it just respond accordingly, which will be definitely favoring you now or then.

Because if you have a chance to make something good then definitely you should choose to act well rather than making it knowingly worse.

You can see most unpleasant situations happen mostly due to lack of basic moral values
which are sometimes really disagreeable.

PO: says to jo

PO: what do you feel about yesterdays incident when he neglected you?

jo: I felt very bad, lack of humanity

There is nothing important than giving little care and consideration to your fellow being for it is only what is worth of doing than anything else on this planet.



Thank you

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