Have a real insight of yourself

The person who is aware of what he is doing

and what he is expecting from it ,

can be told to have an insight of himself.

Most of the time we do things

without any expectations or tendency for anything.

This unmannered type of stimuli develops

an unpleasant nature in the environment around us ,

which in turn effects the person who caused it,

sometimes even without the knowledge of that person.

By having an insight of the action

or behaviour of ourselves there is less chance

of getting into such unpleasant situations.

We don’t require any special learning to gain

or know what insights we have , on anything we do .

We can do so by simply looking at our

past experiences we had at different incidents.

They may be good or even bad depending on the situations

which we were facing at that particular instance of time

but you will surely get an insight of it.

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