Problem solving ability

Intelligence is the capability of applying
the information rather I would say, “wisdom”,
which we have gained from our learning or
past experiences practically when
a situation arises in our real life.

Sometimes , We come across some critical situations in our life
where we have to act or take a decision in order to overcome it.
Sometimes this may be little hard for us.
Because such acts or decisions may lead to certain responses.
Most of the time we overcome them easily.
But if we have to act kindly, we should certainly do by
rethinking it twice where that “wisdom”(as said above) comes into action.

It can be simply explained as below.

We all have been gathering information which we wanted to know
about something, for what ever purpose we ought to be fulfilled.
We all know that the more we gather the information about what
we are searching for, there is more probability of handling it more correctly.

This information can be called as wisdom and
the application method is called as intelligence.

The term intelligence is derived from the latin word intelligere.

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