Judging is not about others its about you

Judging can be defined as giving a conclusion , or forming

an opinion on what ever we are interested to talk about.

It is a very crucial and at the same time very important in

making a conversation with people , because we can

express about things only when we form a certain opinion.

There is also a negative expression for judging , which we

broadly think about. It is nothing but giving a bad opinion.

So the best way to have a better and kind communication

is by judging about anything positively. It is just like ,

let us remember the last time we regretted about not having said

something in the conversation we had with someone.

Probably it could be because of not having judged something

correctly and expressing our opinion. Communication  or

conversation today has become so much vital ,so it is always good

to have an idea about some of its principles. So before judging

about  something or expressing opinions it is better to watch

watch twice which keeps us out regrets for instance.


The word judging is derived from latin words jus and dicere.


3 thoughts on “Judging is not about others its about you

  1. I try to give people the benefit of the doubt. Though, with each betrayal of trust and hurt. I distrust them more and more. I am not, by no means a perfect soul and am judged often by many different aspects of my own life. Gender, color, weight… I have lost faith in humanity these days. Yet I try to teach my children to be kind to others. Almost a lie… Be kind to the people about to prosecute and judge you. It is a touchy subject matter with me. Thank you for sharing.

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    1. Thank you for your comment.
      Nobody on this planet is a perfect soul. Everyone can be judged by anything just if you find a reason to do so. The reality is Doubt arises in every aspect of our life against every other thing. When even a simple doubt arises at a point , it simulates to rise an opinion against it so that the doubt could be cleared.
      It completely relies on the person to stimulate an opinion in order to clear the doubt , which is clearly judging.
      As i said in the post , giving an opinion positively always gets positive responses at times. Because aspects like gender, color, weight etc can be used very easily against others for judging. Those are not specified but are common for everyone. Infact that is the reason anyone can be judged very easily without even thinking that other person can get hurt by them. Humanity still exists in todays world. It is the only thing that can make us live our lives peacefully. Just think positively and go ahead with the same feeling everytime.

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