A Kind word said can change your entire day

KIND is being generous and friendly with other people

irrespective of the things they possess. The only quality

in people which is of  top considering priority is to be

kind with other people. Everybody expects others to be

kind with them (it is indirect speech please read and

mean it from backwards) . The thing is being kind is

that type of quality works to and fro. It is not to be looked

for  at one particular instance of time , but which can be

observed only for a long period of time.


If i have to say it simple , it is simply like When a vehicle

travels to and fro between two destinations , assuming

the vehicle as the quality we are talking about. When we

want to see the moving vehicle at one point of time then

it may not be there the next minute we see it, but if we

see it for a little long period of time then we can see it

moving to and fro. Similarly, being kind to others works

the same way in reality.

The word kind is derived from old english gecynd.


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