Live and let live

Live, and let live.

what is live and living.

What is the difference between live, survive and living?

Well, live, living and survive all comes under the same roof.

Live is to stay alive even if you are not doing anything.

Living means being alive and pursuing a lifestyle the way

you wanted to have or dreamt about.There is a slight

difference between both of them. The difference is either

way we survive, but when living is made by our own choices

survival becomes easy and happy, if we follow to have a

lifestyle by others choices then living is not meant to

exist cause choices are made to be personal and cannot

be intervened with others. But unfortunately, we are not

much aware of what are the choices and who they belong to.

This is very simple to speak or explain but rather complex

to understand or follow. But by knowing how these choices

can be made we can experience major changes and shifts

in the way of our living.

The word ‘live’ is derived from old English libban.

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