Living the way for a living

Living is the way or method chosen by an individual

in order to live or survive his life for existence.

We all want to have a lifestyle which is designed

by our own choices and decisions for our maintenance

or sustenance. Enjoy the little things in life, for

one day you may look back and realize they were the

big things. We tend to make a living for those

little things actually, which in the process of living

itself they get submerged.The big things are the things

which makes us make decisions in our life.

All our life is just an experiment.

We do some things they don’t work out sometimes,

then we do other things, which may work out after

a while. All this process of doing different work ,

applying different methods for getting things done,

all comes in the process of living. The point here

is living is done for living in which the later has

to be sacrificed for the later to happen. But the

true way of living is in managing and making both the

livings happen where a beautiful life or living is.


The word living is derived from Old English word libban.




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