The ‘matter’ in ‘as a matter of fact’

Living is the way or method chosen by an individual

We all know that facts are the truths which remain

as they are irrespective of the time and space.

Because the truth can be altered with time or place

depending on the perspective of an individual.

The content which makes the truth a fact is

‘matter of fact’. The same which we use regularly in

our conversations that is – ” as a matter of fact “,  so on…

Today one of the important parameters is making a

communication with people without having any

issues with it. Some people face issues in public speaking

because of various reasons like anxiety, fear etc..

I can say clearly that if we understand the difference

between the truth and fact and the matter-of-fact

(taking it as one word) , these may be overcome easily

and fear of public speaking can be overcome.

Because, while people speak about something certain

factors that affect the person speaking are anxiety

because of the stress he/she is facing and fear that,

whether the matter he is conveying to his people,

is how much true. The later can be easied by probably,

by altering the percentage of the truth in the matter,

he is talking about.

By making the communication content more

precisely true decreases the fear about the matter because

as the communication becomes more and more correct

probably, there are fewer chances of pointing it wrong.

We all ought to have a peace and well ending,

conversation with our partner or who we are tallking to

among which matter of fact is the one of the vital

parameter to be considered to.


The phrase is first used in year 1712.


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