Make up your mind

Mind is awareness or consciousness that is caused by

analyzing the collection of facts present in the memory

which is gathered by one’s perception or thinking.

The decisions we make are made by our mind by carrying

out this process.

Most of the pleasant and good choices are made, when

the mind is in a relaxed and silent stage.

We carry unlimited amount of information of our

interests in processing and good decision making

according to circumstances.

The mind is free to change according to certain

characteristics that judge the content of the mind.

Some of them are the amount of information that is

present in the brain i.e. memory, thinking, and

understanding power of the brain.

Depending on these factors the analyzing power of the

brain varies which is directly related to the decision


A peaceful mind always tends to make peaceful decisions

and self-centered choices which are nothing but one’s

pure interests.

The word mind is derived from old English – ‘gemynd’.

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