Keeps you moving

Motivation is the emotion that keeps a person to move

in his direction. For every individual, desire and action

are the major principles for one’s survival or living.

Desire and action makes one’s living possible and

motivation is the characteristic guiding both of them.

Every passion driven individual chooses a feature or a

quality to keep him/her self-motivated in order to keep

their desire active and continue the passion.

There are some painful situations where we have to

overcome by making certain decisions. Anger is one of

them. When we are in anger we tend to deviate from our

passionate direction.

Some other little, but critical distortions like these

should be overcome in order to regain our normal state

for pursuing our path which is where motivation is

needed exactly.

Because sometimes we feel trapped or locked up at

different times in our life. You have to accept the

situation and give yourself time to recover and grow

again from those complications and issues.

Motivation is an International emotion from and also an

ancient myth.

The word motivation is derived from English – ‘motive’.

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