Meeting your Passion

Objective is giving or representing facts without any

dilution or distortion in them which can be by either

feelings or opinions.

In my previous post on ‘Fact’, I have discussed the

meaning and importance of representing facts.

Today we will see how it can be done.

While we observe information which contains truths

in it, at the same time, some of it may also contain

false elements also. This could be mainly because of

the people’s opinions based on their way of perception

which could be true sometimes. But for an individual,

with a forward sense, only TRUE facts should be considered.

When applying this process, some guidelines are to

be followed, hence comes into action being Objective.

Sometimes we get scared of things which we don’t know

about and have to be considered. At times we move on

with faith and confidence. This is also objective objective.

Because you are not taking your decision subjecting it to

something but making it depending on the pure information,

whichever is available at that time to you and seemed correct.

As a passion driven beings it is best to be objective.

Just like the seasons change irrespectively, an

an objective should meet its goal irrespective of

others faculties.

The word Objective is derived from Latin – objectivus.

2 thoughts on “Meeting your Passion

  1. You are absolutely right. A strong will and determination can make true objective to meet. Motivation is what is needed to keep them up.
    Thank you for reading.


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