Thanksgiving And Offering

Offering is, to present or give something to somebody

whom we feel is most responsible about us. For all of us,

there is someone beloved whom we think about every time

we get into thinking, I mean seriously thinking. When we

understand ourselves, we think about our beloved ones.

When our beloved understands us and our love for them,

our offering is accepted by them. Peace and happiness is

the ultimate parameter set for everybody to achieve and

people have their own ways and stories, about how they

achieved it. People draw their own lines according to their

perception of ways for following their dreams. And long long

after achieving, some thanksgiving is respected. At the end of

the day only those beautiful moments matters, which we spent

with our dear ones. It is, however, better if we don’t indulge in

doing something that may hurt others. Always believe in hope.

Give hope to others. Make them happy too. You will be happy

automatically if you can give hope to others.

Desires are the parameters that run people.

Make offering also a self-desire.

Slow down and think you will know everything.

The word offering is derived from Latin word ‘offerre’.

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