Global word-Parentism

Parentism is following our parents advice.

Of course i said this out of enormous respect.

Why ? Do we not follow God and his advice.

Both of them are related respectively.

One in broader sense and one in narrow sense.

We are always grateful to the creator, because

we are enjoying what they have created and

left for us to enjoy rather than destroying and

leaving us with nothing.

Because if they have done so, we couldn’t have

had any of the services these worldly things that are

surrounding us on which we are completely surviving on.

Memories are those moments in which we feel,

we are most blessed. It is obvious that we have worked

and made it happen but still, we feel blessed and not objective.
This is one form of positive energy we can say.

We are conscious human beings.

We think and act consciously, we give offerings,

we respect each other.

We tell short stories and get over the situations.

We fail in them we try again and again and get over them.

Seven days a week we repeat it

over and over again day and night.

At one point in between we stand still thank them

and get over it.And we move, repeat the same.

Life runs on advices and it becomes beautiful when

the advices we take are beautiful. Delete the negative energy,

absorb the positive energy. Best advice is always from pure mind,

which has no defilement and taints in it which only

parents can give cause human beings tend to have nature like that.

Humanity in this world is a new element of earth. It is nothing but

network and connection between people that make and bound

them together. Giving more sensible name to the connection

it is relation , relationship.

The word Parentism is first coined in near past as a running phrase.

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