Potential, the ability to pursue

Potential can be defined as the ability of an individual to perceive factual things. I was searching for the real meaning of what a true potential of an individual stands for.

Individuals have different levels of capability or capacity in different fields based on their potential in perceiving things.
For example, today niche is one of the most searched words to be understood by many people. It is a substitute for Potential that we are discussing.

Potential is truly developed when one lives in his own happiness zone that is also called as the comfort zone in life only after it is developed by self.

Because comfort zone is to be achieved for self-sake and not for the sake of anything in this world can be achieved.
Only for this purpose, the true potential of an individual can be reached.

Now talking about achieving something, you should have a future goal set to reach there too.
Potential is something which by observing the way while it is working can give a foresight of the very future goal which you have yet to reach, reaching.

The word potential is derived from late Latin – ‘potent’.

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