Relationships only matters here

A relationship is purely a connection between two people who intend to be in one such.

When I say the word Relationship, we generally think of our close ones who we really care about.
This is just far away from that, This is a between any two persons who just want to think about their favorite ones,
which everyone one has depended on their choices.

It is very hard to maintain our relationships with others in today’s world despite the other things that dominate a relation.
Certain things cannot be avoided which have more importance than a relation.
A relationship is between any two people depending on their association and nature in which they are connected to.
and that’s what I am talking about.
But despite the complexities involved in proving our relation to our concerned ones it is very important to be in one.
It also depicts our behavior, character.
Our affection towards the other person.
It is just a basic thing but an important thing to know.

The word relationship first started its use in the year 1744.

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