Sense is understanding and you too can have it.

Sense, When I say this word, I mean it as one of the characteristics defined for a person we commonly speak about.

Sense is an awareness of anything. Yes, it could be anything.It is just the way how you understand or react to what comes to your attention or seeks your reaction.

There are two things on which you can rely on based on which your sense depends on, that you have to understand to react better.

One of them is the situation where external factors come into action on which you have to act.

These factors that may come into situation are external and they are unpredictable because the sources of them are not known and they can come from anything may be a person or anything.
or your mood.

Sense is knowledge of one’s self-boundaries within which a person lives his life.
It is important to know one’s self-boundaries because, only by knowing and understanding, you can live a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.
In this relaxing atmosphere, you can stay without any fuss.
If you know it by voluntarily trying to understand it.

The word sense is derived from late Latin word satire.

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