Are you looking to be stable

Are you looking to be stable?
Physically, mentally and emotionally?
All the three qualities mentioned above should be really considered by everyone.
Because they play vital roles in our daily life situations.
And by missing any one of these can cause distractions in the situations one face in his daily life.
Not all of us achieve one hundred percent results as expected.
There will be slight to big changes definitely in any way possible that we have to make in order to complete the process what we had started to do.
Both physically and mentally?
Being stable physically means we can assume easily that it means to be strong and healthy.
By stable physically I mean in good health and also stable in your work routine which is also important to continue in the society.
For being physically stable there are various types of exercises.
But even for being stable physically first it is necessary to be stable mentally which is what decides to do physically.
This means that whatever ought to be done or have to be done is done only after a
decision is taken. That is where being mentally stable is.
To be mentally stable first you have to be stable emotionally.

The word stable is derived from Latin word stabilis.

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