How much of it do you have ?

I say stamina is work and work is stamina, as stamina is nothing but a physical or mental ability to last the longer the possible in doing anything.
Well here sustaining comes into play which is what this is about. How much time can you actually continue doing what you are doing.
Here the main thing to consider here is to sustain physically first. Because the other one is to last long mentally which is directly related to physical. Also at the same time, all people’s stamina differ with others.

Here are some reasons depending on what it differs between two people

1. You may not have the proper focus.

Yes, the focus is important to maintain stamina for long period. The more time you focus on something the more you can have stamina.
When your focus is diverted from what you are doing then at that point your mental stamina down. Then you have to refocus on what you are doing by again remembering the past emotion which you were carrying up to then.

2. Cannot remember the emotion or feeling.
Yes, even feeling and emotion also matters. Because when you are doing a certain amount of work you know you will have a feeling in response to what you are doing. But then all of a sudden your feeling is gone and you are left blank without any reason. This happens all the time. This happens in all the situations.

The word stamina is derived from old English word ‘stamen’.

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