All you ever wanted to know

Why should we consider truth ?
continuation to previous post.

There are many things which we go through in our daily life. In real life we come across so many situations that are not even related to us and
yet they happen to us. And we sometimes wonder why , the other times we just neglect them. But what makes sense is when we take some time and
think about what we had come accross. This is how we find the answers and the answers are nothing but the truths. Not what happened but what
we found is the truth.

Should we take the truth that seriously?

Well , actually the question is are we ?

Before knowing answer to this important question , we should know
which thing is and why it is serious.
To be sure for ourself what is important is that which we consider it seriously. Otherwise , we may neglect it. Everybody has their own boundaries.
And mostly they stay inside. And the most substandard and disappointing matter (the matter which i am saying is as in the previous post
about ‘matter of fact’ )
is we never reveal the actual truth. Because of this only all the
misunderstanding happens with everyone. But why generally we don’t reveal the truth so easily.

I am not saying that this is wrong and everything. But it is actually how it is. Because from my previous post,
about the definition on truth and we have to understand the facts of truth. One has to go through a lot of tactics for his living.

It is a well known fact that we all strive all the time to know the truth and only truth that gives us pleasure.
Well , actually we have to understand on the other side that when we are trying to know the truth about anything when we are convinced only we will stop, other wise we are little bit not acepted with what we have known at that time.

Lets see how it works.

First of all we have to understand about the importance of truth and its nature of work in todays society. The truth is that we all want to know the truth but we also hide it sometimes for our own benefit.And then we again search for the same truth expecting others to be honest where we dont tend to be in the first place. The sad thing is we never understand how this thing actually work because we are busy in finding it and trying to hide it. And this goes on and on.

The only way not to be like this is by starting avoiding to try to hide as much as possible.

to be continued…

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