Hope for others and it becomes your fate.

Being well is well being and which we all care about.

Everytime you think about our well being we try to change something like food habits that contribute to well being, so that which we feel good about to change. But we didn’t notice one thing in all this. That is well being is all about what we feel about ourselves but it’s not about how we feel about our belongings.

I will tell an example here, we always try to change only some belongings and not to change others because some things we feel to change.

Contrary to this, the well being of one may not be the same for the other person.
This is because of how we feel about yourself only and not how we feel about others.

But for one who takes inspiration from others in his well being could also benefit on his own. Because as everyone feels to take well care of his own obviously he/she will adopt good habits for well being.

to be continued…

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