I have been thinking so many times that what is that one thing that guides a person to make success in his career, well it is his will power to make it.
Well, we often hear here and there about others saying he/she has good will power and because of that he was able to do that task and stuff like that.
So, what is that something that one person has so that he can accomplish without any mistakes?
I always wondered how we do things in our daily life. Well, actually we do them as we know. And it’s only because we have a certain degree of will power to do it. The willing to do a certain thing is totally depending on our interests well rather I can say it is the desire that makes you do. Wonder how desire works read my posts on Desire.

As I was saying anything we do depends on how much strong our desire is. And having a strong desire can hold us for a very long time until you do.
Desires have imaginations and with a little will power, we can accomplish our desires. Keeping your desires to yourselves can limit you by going forward if you are not going for it.

As a man thinketh as stated by Nietzsche.

Also remembered Desperate times and desperate measures.

You can check posts about Desperate in my previous posts about Desperate.

And not to mention how we feel sometimes about ourselves that is also a very different situation.

Strength for the need is very important for determining your will power for how far you are willing to go in the path of knowing your need.

And also determination is determined by will power only.

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