Wisdom is a solo property

A wisdom seldom makes a man wise.
Yes , that is true.
As we understand things those are the ones which guides us through our desired path. But the things that guides us through our desired path also make us sometimes distract from our path if we did not understand it properly. And then we have to refresh and restart them agian so that what is done could be undone and do that once again , but this time we will automatically check of course before and while doing it. And also that is what everybody is trying to acquire as they get along everyday. Where as the wisdom lies for someone in their own thoughts and actions as they get along day by day.

What is the basis for wisdom ?

Well, that is the well debatable and most interesting aspect for anybody and rather everybody at any point of time actually.
Being said that it is actually true at all time is that means even we are doing it unbeknownst also. The understanding of any aspect at any given point of time is purely based on ones wisdom only. And the
intriguing thing is that it varies totally different from each and everyone all the time.

There are some things that help us in attaining wisdom, well the actual fact is that the more we attain it the limited it will be for us.

When knowledge is gathered through our understanding of facts , it is the theoretical aspect that we are looking at. But when the same theoretical facts are put to real aspects of life , then by understanding of the results obtained is how we attain wisdom. As simple as that.
However nobody can ever have full wisdom of anything in the world since wisdom is a relative term.

We will see what can we do to attain more wisdom in short version.

to be continued….

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