In order to convince, you have to be wise

Being wise means doing action in a way that shows convincing result.

As a person every one wants to be successfull.

That is where we come to know the definition of the success, which is not a definite word and bujt it is a relativde term.

Success is a comparision of ourselves with others that is completely depend on ourselves.
There are various definitions of success that are defined by lot others.

And so it is a comparative term there is a measure according to which it is measured in. And that is money.

The point here is to make sure everyone knows that being wise is an awesome thing that any one wants to be.

Let it be something that you want to have for yourselves always , then won’t you think about it so in a way not similar to how you think for the things that you won’t care about much.

This thing is simply wise. All you have to do is earn it some how.

And on the contrary and very surprisingly the more you try to earn or rather learn to be wise the more you become of it.

The reason why people talk about ones wise ness is because there are some times where we make mistakes. And because all of us are never ready most of the time to accept our mistakes we blame or try to cover them .
There are two ways to cover peoples mistakes,

We will see them in my next post…

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